Final reflection

At the end of the semester, you will take a look back at the ideas you’ve explored and the work you’ve done. The purpose of this is to give you an opportunity to reflect, at a busy time of the year, and to solidify your learning¬† as you move forward into your last semester of DCC.

By December 12, write a blog post answering the following questions:

  • Look back at your introductory blog post. How and in what ways were your expectations for the course fulfilled? How were they challenged?
  • Look at your creative explorations. What connections can you find between the different projects? What have you learned about your own creativity and your own interests over the course of this class?
  • Think about our discussions, readings, and projects as a while. What has changed for you over the course of the semester in terms of your understanding of the ideas and practices we’ve discussed? What insights and/or skills will you take away from this class, and what have you been inspired to learn more about?

Write approximately 500 words.

Your final reflection post is due by December 12.