Educational story/game

In your last creative exploration, you will explore the potential of text-based games (also known as interactive stories) for teaching others about the issues we have been discussing throughout the semester.

We’ll do the actual game creation at an in-class workshop on November 21, using the free online interactive storytelling tool Twine. Your task for the formal creative exploration is (as ever) to come up with the idea. In our workshop, we will work in small groups to create prototype game/stories from some of our ideas.

By November 21, write a blog post that describes your idea for an educational Twine game. Include the following elements (interpreted as creatively as you like):

Big picture concepts:
• Concept: which idea(s) from class will your game explore?
• Audience: who is the story/game for?
• Takeaways: what do you want your player/reader to learn?

Creative details:
• Character: from what perspective(s) does your player/reader experience the game ?
• Setting: what spaces and contexts will your player/reader encounter?
• Goal: how, if at all, do you win? What ways can the story end?
• Possibilities and constraints: what frustrations and pleasures do you want your reader/player to remember?

Write at least 700 words.