Blog posts and comments

There are nine weeks in the semester where blogging in response to class is required. (In most of the other weeks, you will be turning in an assignment on the blog). Blog posts are visible to class members only unless you decide to make them public.

These reflective blogs will give you a record of your time in class that you will be able to look back on, tracing the progress of your thoughts and ideas from the beginning of the semester to its end.

In your reflective blog posts, answer the following questions:

• What was the most memorable element of this week’s readings, discussions, and/or activities?
• What question(s) did the class raise for you (about material we covered, or about something related)?
• What more would you like to explore about this material?

Write at least 300 words by Friday. You can post at any point in the week before then – I recommend doing it right after class, when discussions are still fresh in your mind.

In addition to your regular blogs, you must comment on classmates’ posts (blog entries or creative explorations) at least six times over the course of the semester.

Comments should be substantial, at least two sentences in length. Comments must be responses to your classmate’s work and must be posted no more than a week after the original post. Only one comment per week will be counted, though you are welcome to make more if you have more to say.

Each blog entry is worth 15 points.
Your lowest blog grade will not be counted.
Blogs posted late will receive half points.

Comments are worth five points.

Blog post due dates:

September 1 (introductory post: see instructions)
September 8
September 22
September 29
October 6
October 13
October 20
October 27
November 10